June 2

A Day In A Life Of A Soccerball

Boot, oh man I hate being a soccerball I get kicked too much, Ding Dong yes recess is finally over. “ZIP” oh now I’ve got to wait for another hour and a half in this cramped little schoolbag (very boring). Da di da di da zip oh yes fresh air but now back to the kicking boot kick smash please don’t hit the crossbar DOING damn this is the worst day of my life. zip here we go again but now I can relax but something feels squishy I hope it’s not dog poo or a rotten banana oh somethings fallen out of the twerps lunchbox it’s the old yogurt he eats. Ding dong ”class dismissed”, yes home time ”rattle rattle rattle” oh man he’s walking home.


home yes i’m so lucky, I mean unlucky he nearly dropped me in the river the idiot. ‘relaxing’ now don’t play soccer i’m praying and, of coarse he plays soccer, now being kicked into the fence for me. He’s stopped which is a relief now I get to relaxed I feel like i’m going to pop if I do I’ll be relieved ‘POP’ YES YES YES now no more kicking close, ew this place smells disgusting…

May 30

100wc #4

in the flash of lightening I saw …

Crash smash “woah what was that” I asked.

“Must be a storm” said my mum.

woah in the flash of lightening I saw a tiger roaring,  and it was coming for me. I had to escape the tiger was gaining but I had an idea I was wearing my tiger onesie and I could make it think I am a real tiger. ‘ROAR’ went the tiger I hope this works if it dos’nt well dead which is bad, ROAR wow the roar is getting louder ROAR ahh i’m going to die ‘boo’ what?


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May 18

100wc #3


once there was a crocodile. He was orange and wide one day he was walking on a bridge. The bridge collapsed so the crocodile swam and swam until a person named Jeff he was swimming were the crocodile was swimming and with a snap of it’s jaw Jeff was within the crocodiles stomach but Jeff had a gun and he shot the croc and it died 

then Jeff made a handbag out of the crocodile skin and they made a burial for the crocodile the crocodile was 2 meters long .

May 10

100wc #2

Prompt the slime dripped through…

I was on a mission to get the secret slime so at 10 o’clock pm I went out of bed and went to get it. The wind was cold and stormy. I got the slime but I had’nt realised that the container I had had a crack and the slime dripped through the container  I was so upset then I went home and I told my mum and dad and they said it’s okay we already have the slime we just sent you on a fake mission…

May 8

100wc #1

…I just couldn’t eat something so…

I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting that looks so weird and bad. If I ate it I would probably throw up there green little slimy balls of disgusting. My sister hates them, my mum hates them and my dad hates them. I think everyone in the world should hate them but some people like them I don’t know why but they do. I know one person who does I think he’s pretty weird. but the thing I love is it’s green and slimy and Brussels sprouts.

May 4

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